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[RL: Just after Disneyland | Phoenix; Edgeworth]

Phoenix made his way to the twelfth floor of the building with purpose, heading straight for Edgeworth's office. The embarrassment and self-doubt that followed the riverboat incident had mercifully faded within the past few days, replaced by frustration that grew a little more every time he replayed the events in his mind. They'd been dancing around the subject for the better part of a year--possibly longer, if he were being honest with himself--yet every time Phoenix found the courage to bring it up, Edgeworth promptly shut him down. They'd avoid each other for indeterminate amount of time, pretend nothing had ever happened when they were ready to move on, and then repeat the whole process the next time the subject was breached.

Frankly, Phoenix was tired of it. There was an elephant doing cartwheels in the room, and he was done ignoring it.

Of course, that determination began flagging as he approached Edgeworth's door. There was no question that this was going to be difficult; it may even turn out to be the most difficult thing he'd ever do, outside of the courtroom.

He slowed his pace, struggling with the rising urge to turn and let this be just another memory they can file away and forget about in time. Before he could stop himself, he knocked on the door.
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The welcome that awaited Wright was not a warm one. The “Enter!” that sounded from behind the door was loud and irritable, calculated to drive away whoever dared interrupt Edgeworth’s work. The prosecutor’s day (and, for that matter, his week) had been shamefully unproductive. In addition to the work he had to catch up on after his unscheduled ‘vacation’ and a heavier-than-usual workload, a general distraction and several sleepless nights made it difficult for him to even maintain his usual pace. Whatever was about to come through that door would get only the most cursory response before being hurried back out again on the point of a piercing glare.
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The man that walked through his door was the last person he expected to see. Edgeworth felt a flash of relief--there would be no new work to interrupt his current load--and the familiar pleasant warmth Wright's presence almost always brought to him.

Then harsh reality imposed itself on the situation and fear immediately scuttled any good will he might have felt. His look of surprise melted into an uninviting scowl.

"...Wright. To what do I owe the pleasure of this interruption?"
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That soft click echoed in his ears like a warning knell. It didn't take any great leaps of logic to deduce where this conversation would lead...if he allowed it to continue.

"If you wanted to chat, you picked the wrong time for it," he said coolly, as he released his friend from the stare he was leveling at him and turned his attention back to the pile of papers on his desk. "Some of us have work to do."
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'Probably not.'

"I would," he said, with forced casualness. "I may not keep it open, but what reason would I have to leave you standing on my doorstep?" The glance he tossed at Wright said clearly that question was not to be answered.
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He wished he could say his friend was wrong. The value Edgeworth placed on his opinion had grown over the years, to the point where it nearly equalled the value he placed on his own. He often knew what Wright would say without even having to consult him, and that information was taken into account whenever he had doubts about his course.

But on this subject... What could Wright say that would make this any better? Any easier for either of them?

Edgeworth studied his familiar, unyielding expression for a long time before releasing a heavy sigh and dropping his gaze.

"Why are you here, Wright?" There was a plea in the question, one final bid to turn away from this potentially disastrous course. "What can you say that can make...this any better?"
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"That remains to be seen," Edgeworth said dryly. A subtle anxiety was quickly swelling in his chest, lending a strain to his voice, but he gestured calmly to the couch, granting Wright permission to sit in case he was looking for it.

Then he did the only thing his flailing mind would let him do; he watched and he waited.
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'No, you really shouldn't have.'

He wanted to demand an explanation, to ask what the man could have possibly been thinking when he did it. But he knew that the answer would be something he never wanted to hear, something that would lead to more things that would do neither of them any good. So instead, after a pregnant pause he settled on, "Apology accepted."
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Edgeworth's stony gaze faltered and fell to his desk.

"The 'why' is immaterial. My only concern is moving past any consequences."
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"Then we must minimize them," he snapped, still refusing to meet his friend's eyes. "Frankly, I don't see how the 'why' would help us do that."
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The truth of his words stung Edgeworth into defensiveness as well. The fear and uncertainty that had festered inside him for...God, for years was threatening to finally spill over, and he lashed out with sudden vehemence, his eyes blazing as he stared his companion down.

"Then tell me, Wright. Tell me how you feel. Tell me how you propose to fix this. Because I've considered the problem for a long time, and this is still the only workable solution I have to offer you."
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The show of blatant uncertainty seemed to mollify Edgeworth somewhat...or perhaps to inspire a shred of guilt in him, it wasn't clear which. All that was clear was the surge of anger was (for the moment) spent. He watched his friend for a while, his expression inscrutable, and eventually dropped his gaze again.

"Say whatever it is you need to say, Wright." His voice was softer, laced with a hollow weariness.
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Edgeworth didn't look up to catch that plea, but Wright's voice told him enough.

"I do. What I don't know is...what you did come here to do."
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The announcement was met with a quiet sigh, but Edgeworth did lift his head to find his friend's eyes.

"I already have. You know everything there is to know."

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